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Sharpie - Advertising

I completed this advertising campaign for a class that I took in college. I like displaying this project because it shows my illustration skill as well as thinking outside of the box. The requirement for this project was to create a unique advertising campaign for a product that could be targeted toward a specific audience type. I chose Sharpie as it was getting close to "back to school" time and I wanted to target that audience specifically.


After choosing to create ads for Sharpie, I thought it would be really neat to use the product to market itself. I went out and bought different colored Sharpies and went ahead and started drawing with them. At first, I decided to draw back to school products with the Sharpie but I realized that could confuse the viewer about what the ad was for.

After going back to the drawing board, no pun intended, I wanted the marker to be focus of the ad. I thought to myself, "How do I do this? I can't slap a product photo of a Sharpie on the ad and market it." That's when i realized I should illustrate something and have it look like the marker just finished creating it.

Concept Execution

To complete my idea, I drew fun little people that were interesting to look at with the different marker colors that I purchased. Once I did that, I scanned them into the computer, cleaned up the drawings and placed them into the advertising space.

At this point, I came up with a fun tag line that would advertise the product feature as well as tie into life. Once I placed the product, drawing and tag line into the space I knew I had the finished product. From there, I thought of unique places to put the ads.